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  • The more you scan
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The social game that sends you from the virtual to the real in an instant

The first Icebreaker that sends you missions to meet people who are in your cell. You can ask them to be friend in order to meet them.


If you are part of a student office and you want to insert Enzym App in your parties, contact us quickly !

Enzym App is already used in:

Grenoble, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux...

Best of the contest... for now!


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Enzym is a free to play game inviting you to navigate between real world and virtual world. Fun challenges take the player to new places where he meets other users. Winning those challenges allows him to unlock new features and continue his ingame progress.

Every challenge is different and can be played by 2 users or more, with strangers or friends, for a few hours or a few days… A constantly renewed gaming experience made possible by the infinity of users personalities and a limitless playing field: the real world.

So, ready to play?


Who has never been struck by the sudden desire to meet someone new? Enzym’s DNA is a promise to gather users through IRL instant encounters.

An hour, a day or forever, to share a laugh, an idea, or more, Enzym is all about making spontaneous friendly encounters. Players reputation evolves depending on the quality of its interactions, it affects the user ingame progress and guides its future encounters, so that it always stays fun and games!

Ready for a new adventure?


The Enzym project is a fabulous challenge! We have the ambition to offer a free game promoting almost instantaneous human interactions while respecting our community. At Enzym, we want your data to stay yours. Not only will we not technically have access to it (see "INNOVATIVE") but it will also be encrypted to ensure its security.

We are aware this is a new use of the Internet, but the stakes are high and we really count on you to share/spread our vision, your vision.

The team

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